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4 Growing Trends in New Home Construction

As the economy continues to recover, we’re also seeing an increase in new homebuyers. The Millennial generation has begun taking a dominant share of the market over the past few years, and their priorities are beginning to influence how and where new construction homes are built. Here are 4 growing trends that we currently see in new home construction.

1. More “smart home” technology

New homes are increasingly being pre-configured for “smart home” technology — that is, the ability to control security, heating/cooling, lighting and even kitchen appliances remotely using a mobile device. As this technology becomes more affordable and more commonplace, we expect “smart homes” to become standard among new home builds.

2. “Green” homes

As our culture becomes increasingly sensitive to the challenges of climate change and the need for environmental consciousness, new home construction is following suit. Many energy efficient options are now standard in new home builds, along with additional features designed to reduce the carbon footprint and make homes more environmentally sustainable. As “green” options become more affordable, we can expect this trend to continue.

3. Increased amenities in new home subdivisions

This trend has more to do with where homes are built than how they are built. As new neighborhoods are planned and new subdivisions are developed, there is increasing pressure on developers to compete by including more community amenities. As a result, new subdivisions are now offering more resort-like features like elaborate pool complexes, fitness centers, nature trails and more.

4. The rise of “New Urbanism”

Perhaps one of the most intriguing new home construction trends is the creation of various “new urban” communities — master planned live-work communities designed more like sustainable small towns, with residences, shopping, dining, community gardening and other features all placed within walking distance. The New Urbanism movement seeks to return to a simpler, healthier and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, with an emphasis on walkability, convenience, local sourcing and community building. One such New Urban community, Hampstead, is located right here in the Montgomery area, and Lowder New Homes is pleased to be a preferred builder in that community.

At Lowder New Homes, we are committed to staying on the leading edge of these and other new construction home trends as we strive to meet the needs of the next generation of home owners. To learn more about our available home plans and subdivisions, call us today at 334-270-6789.

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