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4 Luxury Add-Ons to Consider for Your Custom New Construction

When you’re working with a builder to build a new home, you have the advantage of customizing it to your heart’s desire as your budget allows. Not only does this make the home more “yours,” but it also can be more affordable to add luxury upgrades during the construction process—not to mention adding to your long-term property value! Here are four luxury add-ons you might want to consider including with your new home construction.

1. Enhance your outdoor space

Outdoor living spaces are very much in vogue with new homes nowadays, and with Montgomery’s mild climate, an enhanced outdoor space can serve you pretty much year-round. An outdoor kitchen and/or fireplace, a hot tub, enclosed patio spaces or luxury tile and stone patio work can help create an outdoor space perfect for entertaining guests, or just to enjoy a little relaxing on a warm spring evening.

2.Kitchen Upgrades Upgrade your kitchen

Kitchen add-ons are among the most popular upgrades among custom homes, in large part because the kitchen often becomes the central gathering place of the home. Adding an island to your kitchen design can increase both your workspace and seating, and upgrading your countertops, cabinetry and flooring options can add both elegance and functionality to your kitchen space. Adding pro-line stainless steel appliances not only finishes the look, but can even help you save on energy bills in the process.

3. Smart-home wiring

As “smart home” technology becomes the norm, it’s always a smart decision to add a pre-wiring package to your home’s electrical system. We can pre-wire your home for seamless integration of sound, video, phone and security systems, making it easy for you to make the move to smart-home functionality. While you’re at it, let us add additional outlets, ceiling fans and other features according to your needs.

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