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5 Features You Didn’t Know You Could Customize with Your New Construction

When you’re working with a home builder on choices for your new construction home, you’ll be asked to make decisions on a variety of customized options. Many of these will be fairly obvious (for example, floor plans, appliance packages, flooring options, paint colors, countertops and so on). But there are many other features that aren’t often discussed that can make your home even more unique. Here are 5 features you might not have realized you can customize with your new construction.

  1. Cabinetry

Depending on your builder, the “standard” feature with kitchen and bathroom cabinets might be one of several attractive particle-board styles that are designed to go with the particular floor plan you’ve selected. However, ask your builder about upgrading to solid wood cabinets and see what designs are offered. You might find a perfect solution that adds both elegance and value to your new home, and if the builder is offering any specials, you might even receive an upgrade allowance to use on it!

  1. Fixtures

By “fixtures” we mean everything that is part of the “fixed” décor of your home, including lighting fixtures, mirrors, bathroom fixtures, doorknobs, cabinetry knobs and so on. The builder may have some pre-selected styles to offer you along these lines, but if none of these options suit you, ask if there are any other options. You’d be surprised at the many unique options available to help make the home truly yours!

  1. Landscaping

You typically don’t have to settle for the basic sod/seeding, tree and shrub package that comes standard with most home plans. Make your new home the pride of the neighborhood by asking about landscaping upgrades for both your front and back yards. From extended flowerbeds to rock gardens and more, get as creative as you like! Your builder can usually work to accommodate your needs and wants.

  1. Outdoor space

In conjunction with your custom landscaping, you may have lots of upgrade options available for your outdoor spaces. Replace the standard cement patio with brick or concrete pavers. Ask about an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, or even learn about your options for installing a pool or hot tub. If you’re willing to invest in your outdoor space, chances are your builder has more choices available than you realize.

  1. Green options

More and more builders (Lowder New Homes included) are offering standard energy-efficient windows, insulation and appliances as part of ongoing efforts to be more environmentally conscious. But if you want to take it to the next level, your builder may have additional green options available, including computerized zoned heating/cooling, smart-home technology, even solar energy. Just ask!

At Lowder New Homes, we strive to make your new home construction process as pain-free as possible, with many attractive choices worked into our normal floor plans. However, for those who want more say in customized choices, we go the extra mile to customize your home for you down to the smallest detail. To learn more about your options, call us today 334-270-6789.

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