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5 Tips for a Smooth Military Relocation to Alabama’s River Region

For members of the military, relocation comes with a unique set of challenges. A permanent change of station (PCS), as it is called, usually offers relatively little advance notices, forcing service men and women to coordinate a lot of details in a short period of time. Fortunately, there are resources available to help with military moves. If you’re relocating soon to Alabama’s River Region, Lowder New Homes offers up five tips to help you facilitate a smooth military relocation.

1. Set up and stick to a planning calendar

This step is critical for those on tight moving schedules because it’s the only way to ensure no details are missed. Make a list of things to be done in advance of your move, put them on a calendar and stick to the schedule.

2. Access available moving resources

There are dozens of programs available to help military families with PCS relocation, from local business and school information to relocation management services. (A directory should be available at your local installation.) Be sure to contact your installation’s transportation office to help with sending some of your documents and belongings ahead of you. Other online military relocation resources include:

3. Coordinate with your local transportation office

Your local office can help facilitate advance shipping of documents and other personal items to your new installation. If you’re relocating to Montgomery, AL, chances are you’re relocating to Maxwell Air Force Base, so you’ll probably need to contact the Traffic Management Office or the Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO).

4. Set up banking in advance

To avoid any complications accessing funds while you’re in transition, one helpful tip is to set up an account at a bank that has branches both in your current city and your new city. For example, if you currently bank with USAA and like their services, USAA has plenty of ATM locations across Montgomery. If you prefer a local brick-and-mortar banking location, look for a Regions Bank, Wells Fargo Bank or BBVA Compass Bank in your current city; all three of these have multiple branches in Montgomery. Setting up an account before you move eliminates this task from your list on the other side.

5. Consider buying a home instead of renting

The military offers numerous resources for finding local housing to rent, but you might want to consider buying a home instead of renting one. Purchasing a home may be economical than you think, and you’ll be investing in your own future rather than paying rent to enrich a landlord. In addition, buying a new construction home can be an excellent option because it will be move-in ready and low maintenance — plus it will be easier to sell if you are transferred again.

Lowder New Homes honors the sacrifice of our service men and women by offering special exclusive incentives to make home buying easier for them. If you’re relocating to Alabama’s River Region, we’d love to talk to you! Call us today at 334-270-6789.

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