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Energy Efficiency Matters!

It happens every year. A bitter blast of cold air arrives, and Alabamians bump up the heat in their house to stay warm. Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own home, right? But then…a month later…the dreaded heating bill comes in the mail. Shrieks are heard from mailboxes all over the River Region. If only there were a better way!

We have great news for you. There IS a better way! The Lowder way! In your new home from Lowder, you’ll find that we are very serious when it comes to saving you money over the long term of your home investment.

That’s why Lowder New Homes has made green initiatives and energy efficiency standard in all our homes. We go above and beyond standard building codes to conserve energy, improve performance and save our homeowners money on utility bills.

Click here to read more about what Lowder’s commitment to energy efficiency, including:

  • – Effective Insulation Systems
  • – Efficient Heating & Cooling Equipment
  • – High Performance “LOW E” Windows
  • – Efficient Appliances & Safe Products
  • – Certifications & Training

Don’t throw money down the drain month after month. And don’t let those high heating bills send you over the edge. Instead, let them send you straight to Lowder New Homes! You’ll be so glad you did when the next round of freezing (or sizzling!) temperatures arrive!

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