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Everything You Need to Know About New Construction Upgrades

When buying a new construction home, it can sometimes be a challenge to understand which features come standard with the home and which are considered upgrades (features that come at an additional expense). Most new homeowners want to personalize and individualize their homes, especially with new constructions — and that usually means more features than the “base model” contains. How do you get the upgrades you want without adding up the unexpected costs? At Lowder New Homes, we work every day with home buyers to negotiate new construction upgrades that complement their lifestyle and aesthetic choices. Here’s what you need to know about new construction upgrades.

Ask the builder for a list.

A good builder will be upfront with customers regarding what is considered an upgrade and what is not. When you’re looking at a completed new construction, the company should also disclose which features on the home are considered upgrades that might be affecting the price. If you’re building a home from the ground up, you should be provided with a list of features that come standard and features that can be upgraded (for example, higher-grade appliances, upgraded cabinetry, better light fixtures or extra energy-efficiency features). When you know what upgrades are available, you can make an informed decision without triggering surprise costs.

Are there ways to get upgrades without adding to the cost?

Yes, there are at least a couple of ways you can keep the cost of upgrades manageable:

  • Look at the existing inventory of new construction homes. Sometimes a builder will discount the cost of the upgrades to facilitate a quicker sale. This often happens with model homes in developments that are nearing completion because the home has been in the builder’s inventory for a while. Ask the builder if they have any “wiggle room” on upgrades that are already in place.
  • Ask the builder about buyer incentives. In a similar fashion as a car dealership, builders often offer promotional incentives, such as cash back allowances, which can be used for upgrades. (Lowder New Homes currently has a promotion that allows buyers either to lower their payments or receive $10,000 in free upgrades.) Approaching a builder during one of these promotions is a great way to get the upgrades you want without raising the price.

One of the great things about new construction homes is that you have the flexibility to incorporate upgrades as your budget allows. A good builder will do everything possible not to let the cost of upgrades price you out of a home you love. To learn more about negotiating upgrades in your new construction home, call Lowder New Homes today at 334-270-6789.

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