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William F., Realtor

It is always a pleasure to sell a Lowder New Home. The many clients I have sold them to over the years are all happy. Lowder’s willingness to stand behind their product is the very reason it makes it easy for me to recommend it.

Adam F.

If at all possible, I will have Lowder build every house I live in for the rest of my life! Thank you for all your help.

Stephen and Sarah M.

We’ve been through the purchase and closing process three times in the last ten years, and this was by far the easiest home buying experience we’ve ever had.

Customer Review 7
Conrad J.

All of the Lowder folks worked together with my buyers and me with the most cooperative spirit I have seen in my years in real estate. I appreciate the fact that Lowder will be here for the long haul and will go above and beyond in backing your new homes and the subdivisions where they’re located.

Customer Review 4
Frank M.

I was a first-time homebuyer and needed my hand held. I felt as though I was the only person my builder representative was concerned with; she was always accessible.

Customer Review 5
Judy E.

You and your team are the reason I prefer to sell Lowder homes, new or used, over any property in town. Y’all have never disappointed me in any transaction all these many years. I am blessed to be able to recommend your homes because I know you and Lowder are the best!

Customer Review 8
Lettie H.

Your employees went the first and second mile in assisting with the building process and making my son’s first home handicap accessible. I know your company has a reputation for quality-built homes, and I can assure you that you also have some top-quality employees who are extremely caring and helpful.

Jean W.

I appreciate the help you gave my client with the problems he had on the foreclosure I sold him. That house was built in 2006, and you still stood behind your work. I will always let my clients know that Lowder truly stands behind their product!

Ian K.

ALL Lowder New Homes employees were 100% accessible at all times. The communication was flawless! Thanks to ALL!

Customer Review 1
Edris Davis

This is our third Lowder New Home. Our Builder Representative Cyndi Watson is knowledgeable, responsible and reliable. She responded to every question and I could always count on her to get something done or gather information. Our project manager Shot Thames was approachable, informative, detail oriented, organized and very accommodating. Through his communication with me from the preconstruction meeting to the final walk-thru, it was evident that he was building the house especially for us and wanted the home to be exactly what we envisioned. He responded in a very timely manner to all of our questions and was always true to his word. I attribute the quality of our new home to his leadership and his own high expectations. Thank you for a home that surpassed our expectations!