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Is Your New Home in a Dog-Friendly Neighborhood?

dad and son walking dog in a pet friendly neighborhood

If you’re like most people, you think of your pets as part of the family. If you are a dog owner planning to purchase a new home, you’re naturally going to be looking at your dog’s needs as well as those of the rest of your family. Not only should the home be “pet-friendly,” but the neighborhood, as well. Newer subdivisions are often more likely to have dog-related amenities than older neighborhoods, which is just another benefit of buying a new construction home.

Here are a few key characteristics of a pet-friendly neighborhood you should be looking for.

Lots of Walkability

Dogs not only love to take walks — they typically need to take walks for the exercise. (It’s good for your well-being, also.) When buying or building a new home, check to be sure the neighborhood or subdivision offers plenty of places to walk the pooch — preferably with some grassy areas along the way! Neighborhood walkability is a key to having a good quality of life for you and for Fido.

Nearby Green Spaces

Along with walking routes, there should also be some outdoor spaces where your dog can run and play. Look for parks and open green spaces that are “doggie friendly” — in other words, no posted signs saying pets aren’t allowed — where you and your dog can enjoy some recreation time together. Extra points for the neighborhood if there’s a local dog park or play area nearby or a park that offers “pet stations” for easy clean-up after your pet!

Signs of Other Pet Owners in the Neighborhood

Another obvious sign that you’re in a dog-friendly neighborhood is the presence of other dogs and dog lovers. Are other homeowners out walking their dogs? Do you see any dog runs in the neighborhood? What about water bowls? This isn’t just so your dog can socialize (although that’s a plus) — a healthy dog population in a neighborhood is a good sign that the neighbors themselves are pet-friendly.

Nearby Veterinary Office

Yet another “must-have” for a dog-friendly neighborhood is the presence of a reputable veterinary office to see to your furry friend’s medical needs. Not only is it inconvenient to drive across town to find a good vet, but if your pet requires urgent care, it’s much better to have a relationship with a vet whose office is close by.

Other Pet-Friendly Neighborhood Indicators

Finally, when you’re in a pet-friendly neighborhood, it will reflect in the attitude of the local businesses. Look in the close vicinity around your neighborhood and see if you can find any of the following indicators:

  • Pet supply stores
  • Dog-friendly restaurants (typically have outdoor seating with dog-friendly patios)
  • Groomers and kennels
  • Water bowls outside stores
  • Dog treats on the store counters

When shopping for a new home in a new neighborhood, it’s important to look for these five must-haves to ensure your dog has everything they need with your new home.

Lowder New Homes offers high-quality new construction homes in many dog-friendly neighborhoods throughout Montgomery and vicinity. Contact us today to learn more about our new construction homes.

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