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What Makes New Park Homes ‘Thoughtful’ in East Montgomery, Alabama?

Lowder New Homes recently announced that we are beginning construction on 55 new “thoughtful houses” in the subdivision of New Park in East Montgomery, Alabama. We’re excited to be part of this new endeavor, and we believe these homes will bring joy to many families. But what, exactly, is a “thoughtful house,” and what makes it “thoughtful?”

Home design that anticipates your needs

A recent article in Builder Online sums up the basic idea behind the “thoughtful home” trend — especially a quote from architect Stephen Moore of BSB Design:

“In the past, we gave people homes and told them to figure out how to live in it…We worked to create an environment that anticipates the way the buyers live. The design of the [thoughtful] house understands human behavior.”

The home plans for New Park, developed by BSB Design, seek to implement this basic idea. Rather than create an environment convenient to the builders — which residents must then figure out — these plans are based on current human behavior patterns to make living in the homes a natural, relaxed experience.

Integrated smart home technology

As “smart home” technology continues to surge in new home builds, it often creates a sense of intimidation for home buyers who now have a steeper learning curve (with the exception, perhaps, of Millennials who have grown up understanding tech). The beauty of the thoughtful house is that the technology is integrated throughout the home in such a way that it doesn’t feel like something new to learn. In this way, grandparents, empty-nesters and twenty-somethings alike will be able to function comfortably in a home that implements smart technology to make tasks easier and more efficient.

Examples of “Thoughtful Home” features

Thoughtful houses also offer practical physical design features that are intended to simplify the normal family rhythms. Think of them as subtle design “tweaks” that can make a significant difference in convenient living. Examples include:

  • Maximized and plentiful storage (who doesn’t need more storage?)
  • Kitchen-centric designs (to accommodate chefs and visitors alike, acknowledging that the kitchen has become the central place for entertainment and family gathering)
  • Private owner’s entrance (the front door or garage aren’t always the most convenient entry points)
  • Flexible spaces (adaptable to a variety of needs at different times)
  • Oversized garages (a feature that practically speaks for itself)

Lowder New Homes is pleased to offer these thoughtful home designs in New Park, East Montgomery, Alabama. To learn more about the various floor plans and decide if a thoughtful house is right for you, give us a call today at 334-270-6789.

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