New Construction Homes In Millbrook

Millbrook, Alabama

Why should you consider purchasing one of our new homes for sale in Grand Park and Cotton Terrace?

There are a number of benefits that accompany purchasing a new construction home as opposed to purchasing an older home from a current occupant or owner. New homes are in pristine condition, and won’t suffer the same costly dilemmas an older home may experience.

  • Old homes can have leaky roofs, shoddy insulation, dangerous old electrical wiring and residual lead paint – Our new homes in Pike Road have none of these potentially hazardous conditions.
  • All of our homes for sale feature brand new systems, from new HVAC systems to brand new, up-to-code wiring and plumbing
  • There will be no need to replace the roof or make any other costly modifications in the near future
  • All of our Grand Park and Cotton Terrace homes for sale feature the latest energy-efficient upgrades, ensuring your utility costs will be lower than they would in an older, inefficient home

We think you should have a say when you purchase one of our homes for sale in Millbrook

Potential homebuyers who may be looking at one of our Grand Park or Cotton Terrace homes should also remember that they will have a say in everything from the floor plan and fixtures to appliances and features. You don’t have to buy an old home designed for someone else’s family, you can customize one of our homes to your specific liking.

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