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What Alabama Home Buyers Can Expect in 2019

After several years of remarkable growth in the real estate market — along with lower inventories and rising prices — last fall began to show signs that the market was beginning to cool. Experts predict that 2019 will see a continuation of this trend. While a cooling market might not exactly sound like good news…

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5 Energy Efficient Features to Include in Your New Home

Between rising energy costs and concerns about the environment, most homebuyers today place a high premium on energy efficiency when considering a home. Older structures are often more difficult to keep warm or cool, and retrofitting these with energy efficient options can be challenging or cost-prohibitive. These days, most local building codes require builders to…

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What Homebuyers Want in a Newly Constructed Home

When someone buys an existing home, they often have to sacrifice one or more items on their wish list, simply because the home has already been built. The best they can hope for is to tick as many of the boxes as possible without breaking their budget. With a newly constructed home or a home…

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Can Military Retirees Get VA Loans for New Constructions?

After a career of service in the armed forces, you’re ready to retire — at least to civilian life. You’re thinking about buying a home — better yet, building a new one from the ground up, something for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. You know that you probably qualify for…

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Everything You Need to Know About New Construction Upgrades

When buying a new construction home, it can sometimes be a challenge to understand which features come standard with the home and which are considered upgrades (features that come at an additional expense). Most new homeowners want to personalize and individualize their homes, especially with new constructions — and that usually means more features than…

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What Do New Construction Homebuyers Want

Most prospective home buyers have an idea of what they’re looking for in a home, whether they are looking at existing homes or thinking of building one. However, due in part to the many options available, the desires of new construction homebuyers tend to be more specific and personal compared to those shopping for existing…

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Demand for New Construction Homes Remains High

Despite temporarily lower numbers that stoked concerns about a slowing housing market, new data from the spring indicates that the demand for new construction homes continues on an upward trend. According to a report from MarketWatch, new home sales rebounded in May to a total of 689,000 nationwide, marking a 14.1 percent increase in sales…

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