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Farmhouse-style Homes for Sale in Auburn, Alabama

As one of the fastest-growing communities in the south, the city of Auburn, Alabama is known among homebuyers for having the perfect blend of modern conveniences, small-town charm, and laid-back country living. As new neighborhoods spring up around the area, Lowder New Homes and other area builders are taking their cue from Auburn’s rural feel…

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Historic downtown in Opelika, Alabama

6 Reasons to Buy Opelika Real Estate

Home to around 30,000 people, the lovely community of Opelika, Alabama sits about 90 minutes northeast of Montgomery, offering a near-perfect combination of laid-back charm, modern convenience, and gorgeous surroundings. As a preferred new home builder in Opelika’s Camelot subdivision, we at Lowder New Homes believe this city has quite a lot to offer. If…

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5 Reasons to Buy a New Construction in Opelika

Located minutes away from the thriving community of Auburn, Opelika, Alabama is something of a hidden gem for prospective buyers of new construction homes. Loaded with Southern charm and surrounded by picturesque natural features, this town of 30,000 offers many perks for buyers who are ready to set down roots. Lowder New Homes is pleased…

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Perks of Living in East Montgomery, Alabama

Over the past several years, East Montgomery has become one of the most popular and in-demand suburbs of the Greater Montgomery area — and with good reason. Thanks to easy commutes, convenient amenities, and gorgeous natural surroundings — not to mention some of the top Alabama schools — it’s little wonder that so many people…

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Pike Road, Aabama

Why Homebuyers Are Clamoring to Live in Pike Road, Alabama

​Pike Road, Alabama recently topped AL.com’s list of “10 Alabama Cities That Everyone Wants to Move to” — and for good reason! While still a small town by many standards, its population has nearly doubled over the past ten years — from 5,400 people in 2010 to estimates of nearly 10,000 in 2018 — making…

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6 Perks of Living in Prattville, Alabama

Located just 15 miles northwest of Montgomery, Alabama, the city of Prattville is home to about 35,000 people. It’s also one of Alabama’s faster-growing communities, having grown in size by around 40 percent over the past two decades. Lowder New Homes has been building in this thriving community for years. In past years, we built…

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5 Reasons to Buy a New Construction Home in Prattville, AL

Located just 20 minutes from downtown Montgomery, the city of Prattville offers a near-perfect blend of small-town serenity and city convenience, combining its New England-style downtown with southern charm and hospitality. With so many great perks to living in Prattville, it’s little wonder this small-but-growing community has become one of the most popular destinations for…

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New Park’s Wilson Elementary Ranks as Top Alabama School

As a testament to the overall quality of education in Montgomery, Alabama, a new school ranking website known as The School Review has rated eight schools within Montgomery Public Schools in the top ten percent of all schools nationwide. Among those schools honorably mentioned is the new Wilson Elementary School, located within walking distance of…

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Advantages Of Working With A Custom Home Builder

If you’re planning to buy your dream, new home construction, you can either hunt with a real estate agent among a variety of pre-existing homes, choose an existing new construction or work with a trusted Alabama home builder, like Lowder New Homes, to design your home with the features you want. While any of these…

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9 Reasons to Call Montgomery, AL Your New Hometown

We have to admit from the start: We’re a bit partial toward Montgomery, Alabama. (After all, Lowder New Homes has been building homes in Alabama’s River Region for more than 60 years!) However, we also know a thing or two about this lovely city, and if you’re thinking of moving to this area, we can…

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