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What to Expect When Relocating to Maxwell AFB

Located north and west of downtown Montgomery, Alabama, Maxwell-Gunter AFB is one of the nation’s most noted Air Force bases and a significant player in our national security. The base was built on the site of the original flight school created by the Wright Brothers. Today, it continues its legacy of flight education as the…

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Can Military Retirees Get VA Loans for New Constructions?

After a career of service in the armed forces, you’re ready to retire — at least to civilian life. You’re thinking about buying a home — better yet, building a new one from the ground up, something for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. You know that you probably qualify for…

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How to Build Your Dream Home with a VA Loan

As a member or former member of the U.S. Armed Forces, you’ve served our nation well — and perhaps you even continue to serve. Now it’s time to build a life for yourself and your family. Many veterans and active duty military personnel assume that the best they can hope for are modest accommodations. However,…

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Step-by-Step Process for Getting a VA Home Loan

If you are an eligible current or former member of the Armed Forces, a VA home loan may be your best bet for getting into a new home — not to mention a VA loan is one of the most attractive and generous loan products available. A VA loan is a special loan that is…

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