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Pike Road, Aabama

Why Homebuyers Are Clamoring to Live in Pike Road, Alabama

Pike Road, Alabama recently topped AL.com’s list of “10 Alabama Cities That Everyone Wants to Move to” — and for good reason! While still a small town by many standards, its population has nearly doubled over the past ten years — from 5,400 people in 2010 to estimates of nearly 10,000 in 2018 — making it one of the fastest-growing cities in Alabama.

Why are homebuyers clamoring to live in this Montgomery suburb? Lowder New Homes, the exclusive home builder in the Woodland Creek neighborhood, takes a look at a few of the deciding factors.

Pike Road offers a charming “small town” feel.

While growth is on the rise, Pike Road works hard to maintain its small-town feel, providing a quiet respite from the bustle of the neighboring city of Montgomery. (The town motto is “Welcome Home,” if that’s any indication.) In short, Pike Road represents the best in serene suburban living.

Pike Road is convenient to many modern amenities.

Rapid growth also means continually improving amenities. As Montgomery’s eastern suburbs continue to develop, Pike Road is now convenient to many shops, restaurants, and other conveniences you would have had to drive into Montgomery to access just a few years ago.

Pike Road has a growing job market.

More people and more amenities means more opportunities for work. A growing number of people in Pike Road now live and work in the same community without having to commute to Montgomery.

Pike Road is convenient to Montgomery.

If you do need to travel into Montgomery, you won’t have to travel far. Commute times to downtown Montgomery are a half-hour or less — and only slightly longer to Maxwell AFB. If you work in the city or are stationed at Maxwell, you’re never far from home.

Pike Road has an outstanding school system.

As Pike Road has grown, the community has stepped up to make sure their children receive the best education possible. The new Pike Road Schools system incorporates cutting-edge learning with brand-new, state-of-the-art facilities, making it one of the most coveted school systems in the state right now.

Pike road is close to nature and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Despite its recent growth, Pike Road is a rural community, and community leaders are working to ensure it maintains that country charm. Residential developments make the extra effort to build without disrupting the natural beauty of the area, protecting many acres of green space and building nature trails within their subdivisions so residents can enjoy the natural surroundings. The city itself is also embarking on a development called the Pike Road Natural Trail System, a 30-mile long multi-use natural trail interconnecting different parts of the community. Several phases of the trail system are already complete, allowing residents to enjoy the great outdoors while staying active.

Community development

Another reason why homebuyers are clamoring to live in this area is the simple fact that there are several new home developments in or near Pike Road. (A number of new homes in this area have even been featured in the Greater Montgomery Parade of Homes.) Not only do buyers the opportunity to build homes to their specifications, but it empowers them to get in on the ground level of emerging neighborhoods and communities so they can have a voice.

Pike Road Neighborhood Spotlight: Woodland Creek

One specific neighborhood worth mentioning is Woodland Creek, one of Pike Road’s premier subdivisions. Apart from a full array of resort-like amenities, there are a number of additional perks to living in Woodland Creek, including spacious homes, generous lots, easy commutes, great schools, and much more.

Pike Road new homes are affordable.

Of course, economics play a huge role in the development of any newer community, and Pike Road is no exception. One of the biggest draws right now for Pike Road is that housing is still surprisingly affordable despite the rapid growth and popularity of the city. Furthermore, homebuyers also realize they are investing in their future by buying homes in this area, knowing that home values are destined to rise as growth continues.

Needless to say, if you’re considering living in Pike Road, there’s no better time than now to buy a new construction home. Prices are still low and expectations are high, and as we’ve already indicated, there are many advantages to living here. Lowder New Homes is proud to be the select builder in Woodland Creek with a number of beautiful new homes for sale starting in the low $200s. To learn more about this dynamic community and how we can help you buy or build the perfect new home in Pike Road, Alabama, give us a call at 334-270-6789 for an appointment.

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