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forrest with trees in Prattville, AL

Lots for Sale In Mountain Lakes, Prattville

Prattville in Montgomery, Alabama, offers small-town, family-friendly living, convenient to major routes, top-rated schools, historic attractions, excellent golf resorts, and even a wilderness park within city limits.

As you zoom in on the town roughly 36,902 people call home, you will find Mountain Lakes – a popular, established, and tree-lined neighborhood centered around attractive water features and offering some of the best views in Autauga County and Prattville.

Adjacent to Autauga Creek, Prattville Country Club, Autauga Academy, and a wide range of public facilities, this sought-after neighborhood has several lots just waiting to be plucked up by the discerning buyer.

If you are looking to invest in a lot for the long term or build a new dream home, Mountain Lakes could be the right location for you.

Why Invest In A Lot?

There are several advantages to buying undeveloped residential property within an established neighborhood.

It’s An Affordable and Secure Investment

If you are a new investor looking for the opportunity to break into the property market within a neighborhood of your choice, investing in a lot is a safe and affordable option.

  • A lot is a tangible asset that will appreciate in value over time.
  • You will also pay less property tax on a lot than on a new construction home and can write off the interest paid on your loan.
  • A plot of land that is zoned for residential development is a limited commodity, making it an ideal long-term investment.
  • You can hold the lot until market demand makes it profitable to sell or continue to save for a considerable down payment on building your dream home.

Keep in mind that investing in land within an established community means abiding by Covenant restrictions and conditions. Depending on the neighborhood, this could mean you won’t be able to put up and live in any temporary structure (a trailer, tent, mobile home, etc.) while waiting to build or use the land to store building materials unless construction on the lot is underway.

You Get to Enjoy Added Flexibilities

A lot is a blank canvas that allows you to design and build your home of choice – with your pick of floor plan and builder. You can build according to your budget, choosing the materials and finishes that suit your design aesthetic and price point while avoiding inferior quality products and materials.

You can also choose a floor plan that helps you stage your build over time – starting small and then building on or renovating as your needs or family grows.

Move Into Mountain Lakes

We surveyed the area of greater Prattville and came up with a list of nothing but good reasons for you to consider Mountain Lakes as your new address. Unrivaled blocks of land with lush vegetation and beautiful views offer you the opportunity to call the established neighborhood of Mountain Lakes “home.”

Seven lots of differing erf sizes are available in the neighborhood – six on Emerald Drive and one on Mountain Lakes Court, all for as little as $32,250 each.

A Map of Available Mountain Lake Plots

Lot Sizes for Emerald Drive:

  • Lot 10: Front 105’ / Back 145’ / Left 381’ / Right 245’
  • Lot 33: Front 150’ / Back 139’ / Left 202’ / Right 162’
  • Lot 35: Front 130’ / Back 121’ / Left 235’ / Right 227’
  • Lot 36: Front 124’ / Back 100’ / Left 222’ / Right 235’
  • Lot 37: Front 116’ / Back 97’ / Left 200’ / Right 222’
  • Lot 39: Front 104’ / Back 238’ / Left 163’ / Right 174’

Lot Sizes for Mountain Lakes Court:

  • Lot 7: Front 44’ / Back 60’ / Left 404’ / Right 435’

Lowder New Homes is a locally owned and operated homebuilder with over 60 years of experience constructing high-quality homes built to stand the test of time. Along with our available lots in Mountain Lakes, we have a number of new construction and move-in-ready homes for sale in some of the most desirable neighborhoods in Central Alabama.

Contact us here today to set up an appointment to discuss your options!

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