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8 Custom Upgrades That Maximize Your Home’s Resale Value

Here at Lowder New Homes, we notice that most people choose a new home construction for the primary purpose of living in it  —  whether it be for a few years, or for a lifetime. However, real estate is always considered a sound financial investment, with property values inching upward (and sometimes shooting upward!) over…

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5 Tips for Choosing New Construction Upgrades

When buying a new home construction from a builder, deciding on upgrades can be one of the most confusing parts of the process. How do you choose which upgrades are “wants” versus “needs?” How do you decide which options are worth it and which are not? At Lowder New Homes, we do our best to…

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9 Tips for Buying a New Construction Home in Alabama

As more people discover Alabama as a great place to live, new construction homes are on the rise, especially in suburban areas like East Montgomery. If you decide to build or buy a new construction home in Alabama — especially if this is your first experience with new home construction — the process can feel…

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Eating Outside Tips from Lowder New Homes

Eating Outside!

Our neighborhoods have easy access to wonderful restaurants, but springtime means eating out at home. It’s the time to gather the neighbors, or just have the family and cook out. Lowder homes offer abundant backyard space to barbecue, or enjoy nature with a picnic around our lakes in many of our neighborhoods, like StoneyBrooke where…

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Easter Egg Dying Tip from Lowder new Homes

Here comes the Easter bunny, egg-actly on time!

It’s the sure sign of spring and Easter when the Easter bunny leaves the eggs for the hunt. Children throughout our Lowder neighborhoods will be gathering those beautiful Easter eggs and trying hard to find the elusive golden egg. Our neighborhoods have beautiful green spaces to hide the eggs, with lots of pavilions where parents…

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Cleaning tips from Lowder New Homes

6 Tips to Conquer Spring Cleaning Like a Pro

When the weather begins to warm up, and the yellow pollen begins to invade…you know it’s finally spring in the Montgomery area. Time to spend some energy cleaning, straightening and organizing your new home. Don’t let the to-do list overwhelm you. Just follow these simple tips to organize and de-clutter like a pro. Choose a…

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Tax information from Lowder New Homes


Tax updates on Mortgare Insurances and who qualifies! Tax season is now upon us, and as we gather information to use in preparing our tax return there is some good news out of Washington. Congress has voted to extend the tax deduction for mortgage insurance (MI). That means if you qualify you can deduct your…

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Zero Closing Cost from Lowder New Homes

New home in the New Year.

In a recent article, the National Association of Realtors refers to a new survey that shows nearly all young renters want to own a home. An article by Laura Kusisto in the Wall Street Journal stated “Nearly 95% of renters 34 years old or younger want to own a home in the future and overall…

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